Patent Counseling and Procurement:
Our Proven Approach to Building Valuable Patent Portfolios

Thoughtful and Definitive IP can be one of your tech endeavor’s most significant business assets.

What is thoughtful and definitive IP?  It’s a patent portfolio that is carefully aligned with both technology innovation and revenue generation – a portfolio that is technologically robust, covers a marketplace from multiple perspectives, and provides concise legal ownership of your valuable innovations. For companies, thoughtful and definitive IP enhances capital value and protects a sizable share in the competitive marketplace; for academic institutions, it comprises assets that are patently attractive to prospective licensees across tech sectors. 

We create thoughtful and definitive IP for our clients with our proven approach to building patent portfolios. Our cross-disciplinary team of business, legal and technology experts delivers a cost-effective solution that is best in class.

Knowledge is Power – Solid Intelligence

We begin with conscientious invention extraction and careful probing of the relevant commercial and IP landscapes. Our tech team has wide domain expertise and includes former scientists and researchers with academic and technical sensibilities to constructively engage with innovators and their teams. We carefully assess the relevant state of the art and existing IP to identify opportunities and potential roadblocks – and build a practical sense of commercial viability and patentability for the innovations at hand.

Follow the Money

For companies, we also objectively consider your business strategy – how you plan to make money from your tech innovations.  We carefully assess the marketplace for your products/services and identify key features of your innovations that drive revenue generation. This provides critical insight as to how the IP we craft can enhance your enterprise capital value. 

A Sensible IP Plan

Armed with our research, we develop a sensible IP plan to protect your innovations and market share in balance with other important goals of your endeavor. We act as a conduit for all stakeholders to convey actionable information, summarize key inventive features, assess global market opportunities, and evaluate ownership implications. We enable you to understand and manage IP as you would any business asset and provide a business rationale for every IP investment you make – so you know what you own, and why you own it.


We’re sticklers about efficiency and process. We attentively manage each patent matter through its life cycle and guide the overall portfolio-building process through each stage of patent procurement. We incorporate our intimate knowledge of patent office procedures into practical filing and proactive prosecution strategies that balance cost and timing considerations. The results are formidable and persuasive patents that issue expediently and send a clear message to your stakeholders and the marketplace: Game over.


We’re there whenever and wherever you need us to articulate the strength of your IP position and enforce your IP rights. Whether it is to board members, investors, licensees, potential acquirers, competitors, adversaries, patent offices or the courts, we are available and eager to tell your compelling IP story and be the heartiest advocates of your innovations.