Jas Wallas, Ph.D.

Patent Agent


376 Boylston St. Ste 401
Boston, MA 02116

Dr. Jas Wallas is a Patent Agent with Smith Baluch LLP. She provides technical expertise for patent prosecution in the fields of materials science, energy storage, semiconductor device fabrication, water purification, and polymer chemistry.

Dr. Wallas holds a Ph.D. (2019) in Materials Chemistry from the University of Colorado. Her graduate work focused on developing conformal thin film coatings for a wide range of applications. She developed highly stable Si anodes for high energy density Li-ion batteries with polyamide thin films, corrosion protection coatings for semiconductor processing chambers with metal fluoride and metal oxyfluoride thin films, and highly efficient capacitive desalination devices with pseudocapacitive metal oxide thin films.

Prior to graduate school, she worked as a research technician in the laboratories of Robert S. Langer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Daniel A. Heller at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), where she developed polymer nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery.

Prior to joining the firm, Dr. Wallas was a Licensing Associate at the Technology Licensing Office at MIT, where she focused on advancing the commercialization of groundbreaking technologies in the Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering departments at MIT.

Dr. Wallas has authored or co-authored several publications in peer-reviewed journals and has presented her research at several international conferences. 

Dr. Wallas is not admitted to practice as an attorney.

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